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Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most important services offered by Katz & Dougherty is also the service that is least expensive and most rewarding.

Very often our clients call us just to get our reaction to a plan, a proposal or a pie in the sky, off the wall project. 

We welcome such calls. We like to follow the progress of ideas that start with a discussion and blossom into something material for the benefit of our clients or someone they want to help.

No questions are stupid (except the ones you won't ask). We like being able to look down the road to help plan your venture. 


Frequently Un-asked Questions


$$$$$ Question

How much will it cost me to tell you what I'm concerned about? 

Answer: Usually, nothing. 
People are often afraid to dial into a law office. They fear the meter will start to run with the first ring. While we at Katz and Dougherty can't devote all our time to free consultations, we give it freely to encourage questions and initial contact. We are willing and ready to take your call, and even, when appropriate, to have you set you up with an office visit. Our clients are never expected to pay for a service unless they are first advised of the terms and the rate and they agree to it. 

Ssssh Question:

If I call you and tell you my ideas, or plans, will others learn about it? 

Answer: We are bound by attorney ethics to maintain your right to privacy and confidentiality. It's not just a good idea, and it's not just fair, it's the law.




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