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Katz & Dougherty is a general practice firm which takes pride in solving problems for our clients.

We enjoy hearing from our clients -- homeowners -- business organizations -- families -- employees -- concerned citizens -- that we have given them a clear and realistic plan by which to resolve their most pressing problems and to protect them against future strife. 

For example, over the last forty years, we have helped disappointed home buyers to realize how many ways the law protects them against unscrupulous builders or home improvement contractors who have left them with a lemon and refuse to answer the phone. We do the same for people who run businesses and need to know how to deal with unscrupulous competitors or unproductive employees or for people having trouble with their spouses, their neighbors or their elected officials. 

Our clients have found us mostly by word of mouth and on referrals by our clients. We take special pride when our clients tell us that they were referred by another attorney who we either provided advice to or who was a former adversary in court. 

Working closely with our clients paying attention to their needs -- has helped us to work out terms of engagement which allow us to meet their needs and their goals. 

We encourage our clients to become fully involved along with us in preparing a strategy to resolve their issues. Very often, by combining our skills and resources with those of our clients, the issues at hand can be resolved to our mutual satisfaction no matter who opposes us.

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