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Personal Injury

Injuries are No Laughing Matter.

When serious injuries are sustained, they interfere with your quality of life. Whether you are sidelined from life's fun or from your occupation, our system of laws provides ways and means of compensating you and those who depend on you as a wage earner or companion. Sensible people would never trade health or mobility for money. But when an injury takes its toll on your income or your happiness, it is sensible to learn what benefits are available to you and your family. 

Whether your injury was from an motor vehicle, a slip and fall, or workplace accident, the attorneys and staff at Katz & Dougherty will make sure that you and those who depend on you are fully compensated by those responsible. During our initial free consultation, we will prepare a plan of action for you to consider, including a review of your treatment needs, long term outlook and the facts on which your case can be successfully presented.



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