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Divorce Law & Family Issues

Next to personal health, MARITAL and DOMESTIC issues are by far the most frustrating (if not painful) of all. 

Our lawyers and staff understand that what is needed first and foremost is someone to listen. Of course everyone wants his or her lawyer to take effective action. At Katz & Dougherty, we believe that effective action is possible only after your feelings have been expressed and your goals are clear. 

Lots of times people can sense a domestic problem approaching. And although they are not yet tangled in the legal system, they just want to know what lies ahead. 

"What if?" questions are encouraged at Katz & Dougherty. Our New Jersey marital and child support law is constantly developing and changing. We are more than willing to help you find your place in it, before you really need to know about Child support , Alimony, Equitable Distribution, School Tuition, Prenuptial Agreements, and Property Settlements. 


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