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Areas of Practice

Katz & Dougherty offers a wide variety of legal services for the homeowner, concerned citizen, employer or employee. What we are not willing to tackle, we refer to other experienced in whom we have confidence. Over the years, our practice has been more heavily centered on several areas in which we have acquired considerable expertise. 

Consumer Fraud

Including new home defects and home renovation and grading defects
For most of us, a home is the single most expensive purchase we'll ever make in our lives. You might think that our laws would protect home buyers even more than car buyers or even television buyers. 
Unfortunately they do not. Read

Cemetery Law

The Cemetery is perhaps the institution in American life least often thought about. Yet, most of us have had (or will have) some contact with a cemetery during our lives. Read

Personal Injury

Injuries are No Laughing Matter.
When serious injuries are sustained, they interfere with your quality of life. Whether you are sidelined from life's fun or from your occupation, our system of laws provides ways and means of compensating you and those who depend on you as a wage earner or companion. Read

Government Law

Including land use, municipal ordinance and code violations
Federal, State, County and Local government is, after all, subject to the American legal system. These institutions are not, as once thought, above the law. In fact, during the past three decades, Katz & Dougherty have been at the forefront of challenges to that notion. Read

Employment Law

Employees’ rights and Employers’ rights
Defamation (Libel/Slander)


Support and other Family Matters
Next to personal health, marital and domestic issues are by far the most frustrating (if not painful) of all. Read

Business Organizations

Including Non-Profits and LLCs



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